Anthony Elementary National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence!!

  • Honors Banquet Revised

    Due to the high number of Honor Roll students, this year the banquet will not include Perfect Attendance.  Perfect Attendance that do qualify will receive an award.  

    Anthony Elementary School
  • After School Programs

    Homework Help is held on Tuesday's and Thursday's.  All other programs are on Monday's and Wednesday's. All programs end are from 2:45 to 3:45.  

    Anthony Elementary School

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  • Your child can pay $1.00 to wear something other than his/her uniform

    Anthony Elementary School
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    Anthony Elementary School
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Instructional Time

 Because we value instructional time, your son/daughter will NOT be called out of their classroom, unless a parent/guardian is present in the front office for pick up due to a medical appointment, etc. - We thank you for your support!

Anthony Elementary is Awarded a Certificate of Recognition by the State of New Mexico

Honors & Recognition Program

The new recognition and honors program at Anthony Elementary School is designed to recognize the achievement of those students who demonstrated that they excel in all aspects of being a good student.  This includes academics, citizenship and attendance.  Students who have unexcused absences; excessive tardies (three or more each grading period); discipline referrals to the principal; or unacceptable classroom conduct, as determined by and documented  by the teacher, will NOT be eligible for recognition.  

Each student must meet the following minimum criteria:

Honor Roll (for grades Kinder- Sixth) All students who receive all "A" or all "B" or a combination of both (NO "C"), Satisfactory in all areas, No unexcused absences, and 3 or less tardies.  

Honors Program at the end of the year will include students that have remained in the honor list for all grading periods with no unexcused absences and less than 3 tardies every 9 weeks.  


Homework Monday's-Thursday's

Students are assigned homework Monday-Thursday, please make sure your students completes the work.    


PowerSchool Parent Portal

Register to view your student's grades, attendance, and attendance history!

Before you can sign in to PowerSchool Parent Portalyou will need your school's PowerSchool Parent Portal URL, your username and password.  

Ask the front office for a form! (A personal email account and an ID is required to begin the process.)


Uniform Policies

Anthony Elementary is a uniform school, please make sure your child is properly dressed in the required clothing.

Required Clothing:

TOP: White, golden rod or dark blue polo shirt or blouse with a collar- with no printing or embroidery allowed.  NO t-shirts may be worn unless they are school t-shirts with the school name and logo.  T-shirts are on sale in the front office, please stop by and see our selection.  

BOTTOM:  Dark blue or khaki pants, shorts, capris, jumpers or skirts.  Jeans will not be allowed.  

If your child does not wear the required uniform, we will call you to bring him or her, the item that is not acceptable.  In some cases, we will allow your child to borrow a uniform from the office, which you must return with the child the next school day.    

Locked Doors & Closed Gates

  As per Mr. Yturralde, Superintendent, all doors to the campus must be locked at all at all times for the safety of our students.  Please ring the doorbell at the Front Office Entrance.                                                          

For the safety of our students the gates to the parking lot entrances are closed from 7:30 am to 8:00 am.