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Honors & Recognition Program

Honors & Recognition Program

The new recognition and honors program at Anthony Elementary School is designed to recognize the achievement of those students who demonstrated that they excel in all aspects of being a good student.  This includes academics, citizenship and attendance.  Students who have unexcused absences; excessive tardies (three or more each grading period); discipline referrals to the principal; or unacceptable classroom conduct, as determined by and documented  by the teacher, will NOT be eligible for recognition.


Each student must meet the following minimum criteria:

Honor Roll (for grades K- 6)

  • All student who receive all “a” or all “B” or a combination of both (No “C”)
  • Satisfactory in all areas
  • No unexcused absences
  • 3 or less tardies

Honors Program

Will occur at the end of the year for-

  • Students that have remained on the honor list of all grading periods with
    • no unexcused absences and less than three tardies every 9 weeks